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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

RVR* Car in Paris

Near Fountain Saint Michel, I always discover sth amazing. This time, an english vintage car, with a vintage style owner ! 
Every body was taking photos, so did I. 
This could be a car of an architect. It's red, well designed, rare, and totally archi-life-style ! 

* : RVR Car = Red Vintage Race Car ( This is a term, just invented and used by me ! )

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

ترک دوچرخه Bike abandoned

توئیت دیروز، جمعه عصر : با دوچرخه بر ميگشتم خونه, بارون گرفت. رفتم تو پارک زير درخت که خيس نشم. بارون قطع نشد. دوچرخه رو بستم تو پارک, منتظر اتوبوسم. روبروي مسجد جامع پاريس
My Friday evening tweet :On my way back home on my bike, it rained. I went to Jardin des Plantes, under a tree, to avoid the rain. Non stop rain. I fixed my bike to the tree,waiting for bus, in front of Musquee de Paris. 

Photo by Dell Streak Vignette Apps

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Roland Garros and ME

Finally after 3 years of living in Paris, I've had a chance to go to Roland Garros, for Women Final match between Francesca and Na Li.
The very saturated colorful clay impressed me, and I miss playing tennis, which I quitted for a while, due to arm problems.
Yesterday was a great motivation for me to restart playing tennis. And I will.
( Alex! Reserve a tennis yard, whenever it takes, I'm in ! )

Coming soon :
Besides, I met Mansour Bahrami, the Iranian tennis player, near Lacoste pavillion, at Roland Garros Village, and we took a photo :)

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