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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pantheon Paris

Finally after 3 years living in Paris, and after about 2 years living just next to Pantheon, I decided to visit this place, in the 1st sunday of the month, inwhich the entrance is free :)

I really didn't like the tombs of great people. For me, for example, the memorial of Ferdowsi is his book Shahnameh, and not his tomb. Although the tombs of for example Persian poets and scientists are better designed ( inside a garden, a pavillon, with the fountains all around, and thr flowers) rather than collecting all bones together in a collective tomb underground, dark and humid ...

I just took some photos of the building itself, and the architectural documents. For me, the exterior of Pantheon is more interesting than interior. 06.03.2011 Paris

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